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Imagine you are out with friends and you want a light beer.

The server comes to the table and asks what you would like to drink… You say, “I like light beers, do you have a craft beer like that?” and the server spouts off a short list, something like “we have beer X, beer Y, and beer Z that are our lightest beers, but I’d recommend beer X because it’s my favorite”. You nod and say “I’ll try that one then, thanks.”

The server disappears briefly, returns with the drink orders and passes you your choice. You take that first sip and instantly you know, the server has the worse palate in the world. This happens every day across the country. So what do you do next time you are asked what you would like to drink… you default to those light beers that have “sexy” ads (you know the ones / we’ve all seen them) and don’t ask the servers opinion ever again.

To us, that experience is akin to learning to ride a bike and never taking the training wheels off because it’s scary , or not getting your driver’s license when you turn 16 because parallel parking is hard. Trying that special craft beer won’t be the memorable experience it should be because you don’t want to suffer through a strong beer again. Choice is what we want and quality is what everyone demands. Defaulting to the safe beer doesn’t support that at all and we want to change that.

NU Brewery is a Regional Brewery (meaning we can scale to markets outside of our local market). We have a flagship beer in that light lager category, which has won medals in each competition we’ve entered nationally. That proven lager is what we will use to disrupt that experience for our customers and move the needle in the Craft Beer Industry favor.

As we say, have a new perspective on the way the world consumes beer.

Sunday:  12PM – 8PM
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 3PM – 9PM
Thursday: 3PM – 9PM
Friday: 12PM – 9PM
Saturday: 12PM – 9PM



437 Lewiston Rd
New Gloucester, Maine

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